Trenchless Societies

Austrian Association for Trenchless Technology

c/o TU Wien Resselgasse 5, 1040 Wien Austria

Phone: +43 664 5184084
Chair: Prof. Gerald Goger
Secretary: Mag. Silke Cubert
AATT was formed in 1991 and affiliated in 1992. There are 56 members, including 14 Corporate Members. The Association has published a handbook on trenchless techniques available in Austria and national events have been held throughout the country.

Brazilian Association for Trenchless Technology

Alameda Santos, 1773 – Jardim Paulista Sao Paulo 01419-002 Brazil

Phone: +55.11.4081 3145
Chair: Helio Rosas
ABRATT was formed in 1998 and affiliated in 1999. There are 21 members including 17 Corporate members.

Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology

18 Frinton Place Greenwood, 6024, WA, Australia

Phone: +61 (0)8 9420 2826
Fax: +61 (0)8 9343 5420
ASTT was formed in 1991 as the Australian Society, expanding in 1994 to serve also New Zealand. Corporate and Individual membership levels are available. Successful National Conferences have been held in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane with another planned at the Gold Coast this September. 3 International NO-DIG’s have now been held in Perth (2000) Brisbane ( 2006) and Sydney (2013).

Bulgarian Association for Trenchless Technology

Kaprinka Lake Village Kazanlak, Postcode:6100, B Bulgaria

Phone: +359 2 4901381
Fax: +359 431 63776
BATT was affiliated in 2008. There are 25 members including 18 Corporate members.

China Hong Kong Society for Trenchless Technology

Tsimshatsui Post Office 91499 Kowloon Hong Kong

Phone: +852 9201 1952
Fax: +852 2636 6907
Chair: Kwok Keung YAN
International Rep.: Derek Choi
Secretary: Pinky Tso
CHKSTT was formed and affiliated in 1999.  The Society organises a conference and exhibition every two to three years. The next one will be held in January 2019.

Colombian Institute for Subterranean Infrastructure Technologies and Techniques


Phone: + (571) 8764675/ MOVIL: +(57) 3107991039
Fax: No Fax
International Rep.: CARLOS ANDRES MUNERA
Secretary: ARLEX TORO
Colombian Institute for Subterranean Infrastructure Technologies and Techniques

China Society of Geology – Trenchless Technology Committee (CSTT)

Xicheng District Room 151, 26 Baiwanzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100037 China (PR)

Phone: +86-10-6899 2605
Chair: Prof. Wang Fuming
International Rep.: Prof. Yan Chunwen
Secretary: Dr. Zhu Wenjian
CSTT was formed in 1998 and became affiliated in 1998 & 2010. Currently, the Society has 138 members including 130 corporate members. A major national Conference and Exhibition has been held each year since 1996.

Chinese Taipei Society for Trenchless Technology

3F, No 92, Roosevelt Rd., Sec. 4,Zhongzheng Dist Taipei city 100 Taiwan

Phone: +886 2 2362 0939
Fax: +886 2 8369 5171
CTSTT was formed in October 1992 and affiliated in 1993. There are now 69 members, including 15 Corporate Members. Guideliness have been published, in particular for Sewer Pipe Design. The Society hosted International NO-DIG 97 Taipei.

Czech Society for Trenchless Technology

Bezova 1658/1 ,147 14 Praha 4 Czech Republic

Phone: +420 244 062 722
Fax: +420 244 062 722
CzSTT was formed in 1993 and affiliated on 19.10. 1994.CzSTT has now 73 members, out of which 54 corporate. Every year the Society organises national conferences with international attendance. In 2001, the CzSTT organised a successful 19th International Conference and Exhibition NO-DIG Prague 2001. For its members the Society issues the “NODIG Bulletin” four times a year in which there is a space for publishing available to all those interested in the trenchless technologies.

DKSTT – Danish Society for Trenchless Technology – NoDig Infra

Odinsvej 29 Silkeborg Denmark

Phone: +45 50894489
Fax: +45 50894489
NoDig Infra was formed in 2016 as a Danish Society. All 194 Danish members are former members of the SSTT (Scandinavian Society) which was founded back in 1989. NoDig Infra has a close cooperation with DANVA (Danish Water and Wastewater Association) National conferences, training and education in close cooperation with the technical universities and study trips abroad are among our activities. Two successful INTERNATIONAL NO-DIG in 1994 and in 2002 was held in Copenhagen.

Finnish Society for Trenchless Technology

c/o Sari Pietilä / WSP Finland Oy Kiviharjunlenkki 1 D, FIN 90220 Oulu Finland

Phone: +358 10 332 6658
Fax: +358 10 33 26603
Chair: Jari Kaukonen
Secretary: Sari Pietilä
The Society currently has 51 members including 38 Corporate Members.

French Society for Trenchless Technology

4 rue des Beaumonts, F-94120 Fontenay Sous Bo France

Phone: +33 1 53 99 90 20
Fax: +33 1 53 99 90 29
International Rep.: Jean-Marie Joussin
FSTT was formed in 1990. There are now 129 members, including 90 Corporate Members. An annual General Assembly reviews past achievements and plots the course for the future. In April 2008, the Comite francais pour les travaux sans tranchee has decided to take on a new name – France Sans Tranchee Technologies – to fit better with a French meaning that would still preserve the international acronym.

FSTT holds regular workshops and organizes training courses for engineers, technicians, civil servants and students in conjunction with renown educational bodies like ESTP and OIEau. FSTT is partner to “RESEAUX VRD”, a leading magazine for road works professionals, to publish a monthly review “Reseaux Sans Tranchee” (trenchless networks) distributed among members and widely around.

A successful International No-Dig 92 was held in Paris. Every two years, the national exhibition “Ville Sans Tranchee” (trenchless city) gathers everybody that counts in the sector, near Paris.

German Society for Trenchless Technology

Kurfürstenstr. 129 (Building:German construction association) Berlin Germany

Phone: +49 30 81 45 59 84
Fax: +49 30 22 18 77 65
Chair: Jens Hölterhoff
International Rep.: Klaus Beyer
GSTT was formed in 1990. There are now 175 members, including 63 Corporate Members. The Society stages many conferences, seminars and exhibitions either directly or in conjunction with other organisations. International NO-DIG 91 Hamburg, NO-DIG 95 Dresden and NO-DIG HAMBURG 2004 were hosted by GSTT. Much attention has been given to research with the support of the Federal Ministry of Research & Technology, particularly in relation to Sewerage and Utility Tunnels.

Italian Association of Trenchless Technology

Via Ruggero Fiore, 41 Rome Italy

Phone: +39 06 39721997
Fax: +39 0691254325
IATT was formed in 1994 and affiliated in 1995. There are now 149 members, including 70 Corporate Members. International NO-DIG was held in Genoa (1997) and in Rome ( 2007).

Iberian Society for Trenchless Technology

C/ Josefa Valcarcel, 8 – 3a PTLA 28027 Madrid Spain

Phone: +34 913 202 884
Chair: Juan García Aparicio
Secretary: Elena Zúñiga Alcón
IBSTT, serving Spain and Portugal, was formed and affiliated in 1998. There are 22 members, including 21 Corporate Members. In 2014, IbSTT held a successful International No-Dig in Madrid.

Japan Society for Trenchless Technology

135-0047; 3rd Reed-C Building. 2-11-18 Tomioka, Koto-ku, Tokyo ttt Japan

Phone: +81 3 5639 9970
Fax: +81 3 5639 9975
Chair: Hiroaki Morita
Secretary: Yorihiro Kadokawa
JSTT was formed in 1994 and affiliated in 1995. There are now 206 members, including 160Corporate Members. In addition to holding an annual National Symposium, it hosted International NO-DIG 90 in Osaka and assisted in the organisation of NO-DIG 97 in Taipei. JSTT and its forebearers have an impressive record of support for every international event since 1985. The Founder of JSTT, Dr Satoru Tohyama, was awarded the ISTT Gold Medal in 1995 and became President in 1998. The membership secretary of JSTT is also a membership secretary of ISTT since June 2008.

Lithuanian Association of Trenchless Technology

V.Gerulaicio str. 1 LT-08200 Vilnius Lithuania

Phone: +370 5 2622621
Fax: +370 5 2617507
The LIATT affiliated in November 2006 and has 20 members.

Malaysia Association for Trenchless Technologies

No 44, Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights Kuala Lumpur 50490 Malaysia

Chair: Faizal Othman
International Rep.: Börje Persson / Frank Reilly
Secretary: Ir. Mohd Zuki Muda
The Malaysia Association for Trenchless Technologies (MATT) has been established to have a body truly representative of all stakeholders from the sector throughout the country, to promote trenchless technologies and methods, represent the interests of its members, provide an important forum for exchange of knowledge and expertise nationally and internationally, and offer a platform for professional training and educational programs. MATT’s membership encompasses representation from government ministries and departments, utilities and infrastructure assets managers, private contractors and consultancies and other professional organisations. MATT maintains an open door policy to all interested parties to become a member of the Association and participate in its events and activities,

North American Society for Trenchless Technology

14500 Lorain Avenue #110063 Cleveland, OH 44111 United States

Phone: +1 888-993-9935
Chair: Craig Vandaelle
Secretary: Joe Lane
Executive Director: Mike Willmets

NASTT was formed and affiliated in 1990 serving USA, Canada and Mexico. There are over 2,000 members, including over two hundred Corporate memberships.  The annual NASTT No-Dig Show is held in various cities through the US and Canada.  International No-Dig Shows have been held in Washington, D.C. (1992); New Orleans, LA (1996); Las Vegas, NV (2003); Toronto, ON (2009); and Washington, D.C. (2017).  Future NASTT No-Dig Shows are scheduled for Chicago, IL (2019); Denver, CO (2020); Orlando, FL (2021); and Minneapolis, MN (2022) and Portland, OR (2023).

Netherlands Society for Trenchless Technology

Postbus 79, 3769 ZH Soesterberg Netherlands

Phone: +31 346 723450
Fax: +31 (0)79 325 22 93
Chair: prof. ir. J.W. Bosch
International Rep.: dr. ir. W. (Wout) Broere
Secretary: ir. J.F. de Boer
NSTT was formed and affiliated in 1988. There are over 200 corporate members and individual members. The Society has staged many national and international NO-DIG Technoshows and many symposia. Our No-Dig events held so far: 1990 and 2005 (both with ISTT) and 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017 ( Our next No-Dig Event is scheduled in 2019.

Polish Foundation for Trenchless Technology

UL. WARKOCZ 14, 25 – 253 KIELCE Poland

Phone: +48 41 34 24 450
V. Chairman: Mr Benedykt Lipczynski International contact: Anna Parka PFTT was formed in 1998 and affiliated in 1999. There are 14 members.

The Romanian Society for Trenchless Technology

Caiuti No. 25 Bucharest, District 1, Romania Crina Cif Romania

Phone: 0040727737288
Fax: 0040727737288
RoSTT was formed in 2011 and affiliated in 2012.

Association “The Russian Society Trenchless Technology”

Severny proezd 12, Balashikha Moscow region Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (495) 521-78-82
Fax: +7 (495) 521-45-11
Chair: Vladimir Burmistrov
International Rep.: Dariya Burmistrova
Secretary: Elena Tsygankova
Association RSTT originally formed in May 2002 and now has 8 members including 7 Corporate members.


1053 Hyde Avenue, Eldoraigne ext 1 CENTURION Gauteng South Africa

Phone: +27 (0) 82 551 7458
Fax: +27 (0) 86 668 4026
Chair: Sam Efrat
Secretary: Rina Stead
SASTT was formed in 1992 at a meeting in Pretoria. Its members recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary by way of a convivial braai, an African-style barbeque. In keeping with the aims of the ISTT, SASTT believes in the necessity of maintaining a sustainable, healthy environment and addressing the changing needs of the community. Our mission is to promote, from a neutral base, the use of TT for providing and maintaining underground infrastructural services with minimum surface disruption. In 2011 SASTT hosted the first ISTT masterclass in southern Africa in conjunction with No-Dig South Africa. It was opened by the mayor of the capital city of South Africa; attended by 70 delegates; and the exhibition filled a hall measuring 1000 square metres. SASTT has received recognition from the Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa by being designated a professional affiliate of the institute. There are currently more than 50 members, including three individual (pensioner) members.

Singapore Society for Trenchless Technology (SgSTT)

84 Toh Guan Road East Singapore Water Exchange #02-02 608501 Singapore

Phone: +(65) 97124054
Secretary: Qiao Fei
SgSTT was formed in the last part of 2009 and affiliated in 2010.The Society currently has 27 members including 11 Corporate Members, 11 Sponsor Members, 3 Individual Members, 1 Associate Member, and 1 Non-Executive Member from PUB.

Scandinavian Society for Trenchless Technology

SSTT Service AB, Box 22 307 104 22, Stockholm Sweden

Phone: +46 8-508 938 00
Secretary: Karin Lundwall Welin
SSTT was formed and affiliated as the Swedish Society in 1989, and was enlarged in 1991 to serve also Norway. There are 609 members. Many local conferences and other events are organised by Sub-Committees. SSTT hosted a successful International NO-DIG 94 in Copenhagen followed by NO-DIG 2002, also held in Copenhagen.

Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology

Baglar Mah. Mimar Sinan Cad .No:35 Divan Residence D:229 Bagcilar 34209 Istanbul Turkey

Phone: +90 212 603 11 01
Fax: +90 212 603 11 02
Chair: Yasin Torun
TSITT was formed and affiliated in 2010. TSITT holds annual No-Dig Turkey Conference and Exhibition since 2011. TSITT holds annual Water Loss Forum and Exhibition since 2014. TSITT hosted 33rd International No-Dig Istanbul Conference and Exhibition on 28-30 September 2015 with these figures: 94 companies from 21 countries joined the exhibition. 910 visitors from 50 countries visited the booths. Surprise shows and welcome party in the exhibition area entertained entire exhibitors and visitors. 51 papers were presented during 14 sessions of the conference. 149 delegates from 31 countries followed the presentations. TSITT is an active member of ISTT having close relationships with the trenchless markets in Europe, Asia and Middle East countries.

Ukraine Association for Modern Trenchless Technology

83A Srednyaya Str., Odessa 65005 Ukraine

Phone: 380 50 3953280
Fax: 380 48 7771393
UAMTT was founded in Odessa in April 2004 on the initiative of several companies which saw the perspectives of trenchless technology and decided to join their efforts for its promotion. The major activities of UAMTT include: 1) Research in the field of trenchless technology and its further development, exchange of experience 2) Promotion of trenchless technology 3) Education in trenchless technology 4) Publishing association bulletin 5) Participation in the elaboration of normative, legislative and technical bases for the application of trenchless technology in Ukraine The annual conferences organized by the Association have become an important event for trenchless technologists in Ukraine. The Association publishes the bulletin “No-Dig News” which is distributed among its members, it holds joint seminars with city authorities and sponsors TV programs about trenchless technology. It has close links with two Odessa Universities which have introduced courses on trenchless technology into their curriculums.

United Kingdom Society for Trenchless Technology

Camden House, Warwick Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 1TH United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)192 651 3773
Chair: Matthew Izzard
Secretary: Lynn Maclachlan
UKSTT was formed and affiliated in 1993. There are 159 members, including 77 Corporate Members. A register of research projects in trenchless technology in the UK was established as an early initiative. The Society holds regular workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions under the title NO-DIG Live and hosted International NO-DIG 93 in Birmingham.

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