RSM growth in the LED curing market

RSM Lining Supplies LED System Sales continue to go from Strength to Strength

Over the last 18 months RSM Lining Supplies Global Ltd has continued to grow rapidly as the largest distributor of the Sewertronics Speedylight and LED Rig Systems. Customer interest continues to sky-rocket, with eighteen Speedylight Systems and three LED Rig Systems already purchased across the nation over an 18 month period.

The Sewertronics Systems are fast becoming the most versatile and commonly used LED curing systems in the UK at present. This is largely due to the numerous benefits they offer. When using either system less power and energy is required to cure a liner than more traditional UV curing systems, leading to a decreased on site footprint. The Speedylight has the capability to cure both standard UV glass liners and felt liners which have been impregnated with UV Vinylester Resin. It has the ability to negotiate bends of up to ninety degrees and is capable of curing liners which are both horizontal and vertical.

The different characteristics across the family of Sewertronics Systems mean that customers can tailor their purchase to fit their own specific requirements. For example, the Speedy Light System has the capability to cure diameters between 100mm – 300mm, of lengths up to 100m, and can cure liners in all scenarios including blind shot installations. In comparison, the LED Rig can be supplied with up to 250m of cable and has the capability to cure diameters ranging from 150mm to 600mm. It will however only cure standard UV glass liner.

RSM’s Sales Director, Phil Steele, commented “The growth of the LED curing market has been phenomenal and the versatility of the systems we offer makes them suitable for 99% of installation scenarios.”

The Sewertronics Systems are ideal for the repair of leaking joints, cracks, root intrusion, deformation in wastewater pipes, and are becoming a firm favourite across the UK market. If you would like any further information on either system, or are interested in seeing a demonstration, please contact your sales representative directly or our sales team on 01709 864271 (

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