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Paul Morrow

The FlexShaft Effect

Regardless of the setting, whether it’s a home, a restaurant or a business premise, one thing is known for sure: every drainage system needs occasional maintenance.

Some homeowners tackle slow-flowing drains by using chemicals to kill blockages. Short term, chemicals are a health, environmental and safety hazard; long term, this practice could damage the drains considerably. At some point in time, thorough cleaning of these drains becomes a must.

FlexShaft For The Win

FlexShaft Machines bring real added value to all professional drain cleaners.

The primary advantage of the small FlexShaft machines is portability. K9-102 weighs 11 kg, while K9-204 weighs 17 kg – they are easy to carry around anywhere. They are powered by a widely used 18-volt battery-powered drills, so there’s no need to deal with power cords.  

The latest addition to the FlexShaft range is the K9-306 machine. It’s less playing in the portability field, but more playing in the power field – it weighs around 72 kg. K9-306 is a heavy-duty machine equipped with an internal universal motor powered with I-Clutch™ technology.

FlexShaft Accessories – Chain Knockers And Brushes

RIDGID has a wide chain knocker and brush offering for different types of blockages and pipe material.

Smooth chains can be used for soft blockages; carbide tipped chains are much more aggressive and the penetrating head and carbide tipped chains are perfect to break apart the heaviest built-ups.

FlexShaft can also be combined with brush add-ons. They can be used as a cleaning action after a chain knocker cycle or simply as a cleaning tool in the more fragile pipe types.

It’s clear that FlexShaft machines are a light, powerful, clean, and effective new method to clean drains in a multitude of situations and it can serve as an excellent additional tool in multiple drain cleaning applications.

CCTV Camera inspection solutions

Delivering big performance in a small package, the RIDGID SeeSnake Compact M40/ C40 camera reel is built to tackle a variety of demanding inspections. TruSense technology delivers valuable information about the in-pipe environment with an HDR image sensor and TiltSense™ inclinometer. A variety of flexible push cables means it ideal for both short and longer runs in main and branch lines. Features easy setup with the RIDGID SeeSnake CS6x Versa® monitor.

CSx VIA Wifi conversion.

The recently launched CSx VIA can transform any SeeSnake reel into a live Wi-Fi feed, enabling footage to be viewed and captured directly using your phone or tablet device, unlocking a world of flexibility, convenience and camera operations with just your mobile screen. A neat solution to minimise bulky kit and make your day quicker and easier.

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