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With proven expertise and many years of experience in the field of UV light-curing glass-fibre reinforced pipe liners, we provide customised system solutions: from the CIPP liner Alphaliner, with which we are a global leader in the rehabilitation of large diameter sewers in particular, to UV technologies, which includes the world's most powerful UV curing system REE4000, all the way to technical support and services – and all around the world. Every rehabilitation project has its own particular requirements. No sewer is like the other, nor two types of wastewater are comparable. The "one-size-fits-all" liner simply does not exist. Therefore, we offer different variations of the Alphaliner. Our innovative UV technology is also developed and produced in-house. Our UV curing systems have the highest curing performance on the market and are equipped with intelligent, permanent performance monitoring that automatically compensates for drops in radiation power of each individual emitter.

The Alphaliner 1800H has been designed to bear the highest static loads, while being a cost-effective system for rehabilitation of large sewer profiles, both circular and non-circular shape. Therefore, the advantages of the liner design and the UV curing technology, which is precisely matched to the Alphaliner enable fast curing times as well as the efficient, safe and environmentally friendly completion of construction projects.

Examples of large profile rehabilitation and other special rehabilitation projects can be found in our Case Studies.

With the REE4000, the RELINE UV Group provides the most powerful UV curing technology currently available on the market. The curing system offers a maximum light power output of up to 6 x 4,000 W and enables with its electronic assistance and documentation systems the highest possible levels of reliability and an autonomous curing process technology.

With a close cooperation with the qualified installation companies all around the world, RELINEEUROPE has set up from the very beginning a unique Total Quality Management System (TQM), which is unparalleled in this sector of industry. It includes the monitored and controlled management of quality along the entire value chain – beginning with the raw material all through to the fully cured Alphaliner, installed at the job site. The TQM is the bedrock for unvarying and high quality in all RELINE UV-Group's production areas.

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