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Indoor 25
Ant Hire Solutions
Queen Street, Stourton
West Yorkshire
LS10 1SL

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Mr Daniel Winfield
0333 567 3210

At Ant Hire Solutions we offer a complete range of solutions for the inspection, construction, testing and repair of pipes and manholes, across utilities, construction, civil engineering and water treatment.

With an extensive product range, from innovative in-house systems to products sourced from the world’s most respective suppliers, we have the best possible pipeline equipment for every task.

Our range of robotic lateral cutters have been sourced in partnership with notable manufacturer IMS Robotics. Available for purchase, or for hire with next-day delivery, our robotic cutter range minimises downtime and ensures speedy repairs.

Our complete range of pipe stoppers for pipeline flow control, produced by two of the world’s best manufacturers LAMPE and SAVA, suit all requirements – including cone stoppers, inflatable pipe stoppers and testing pipe stoppers.

Designed and developed by Ant Hire Solutions, Vertform® is a totally unique system that allows manhole inverts to be constructed quickly, safely and easily by unskilled teams.Vertform® is proven to produce exceptional results. For every project, our team review your construction plans to make sure the Vertform® system is specified to the exact requirements of the project, ensuring you get a durable, high-quality finish in the shortest possible timeframe.

Whatever the scale or complexity of your job, and no matter how challenging the environment, with Ant Hire Solutions you can be completely confident you’re receiving the right solution, whenever and wherever you need it.


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